Dudley Private Hospital
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Group Therapy Program

While you are in the Clinic a large component of your time will be taken up with Group Therapy. The Group Program is an integral part of your treatment and to optimise the therapeutic value of the Group Program, we ask that you adhere to the "group guidelines" associated with your particular Clinic. (See below). The group program is conducted by Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses and Psychologists. Patients are required to attend ALL groups unless otherwise prescribed by a treating Psychiatrist.


  1. Group members are asked to respect the rights of others by:
    • Speaking for themselves during group, rather than on behalf of others
    • Listening actively while others are talking, without interrupting
    • Showing respect for the feelings and different values of others

  2. Personal matters raised by group members and discussed during group are confidential - please do not talk about others or their personal problems without them present.

  3. It is OK to come to group and not talk.

  4. Groups will begin on time – it may be possible to join the group after it has begun however for some groups this may not be appropriate.

  5. Please stay for the whole group – this is important for continuity. If you do need to leave early or know that you will arrive late, please let the group leader know before hand.